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BagUps Products

Product List

13 Gallon (3-pack)

$  14.32

13 Gallon (case)

$  51.55

40 Gallon (5-pack)

$  56.30

55 Gallon (5-pack)

$  39.13

For multiple case orders or pallet orders please contact us direct at 917-885-6655.

Our Manufacturing Process

The Recircle Brands™ concept is a new spin on convenience, going green and the mature plastic bag market. Our primary product, BagUps™ Trash Bag System, dispenses a constant flow of trash liners while automatically re-lining the trash receptacle with a new bag after the old bag is removed and put trash bags in the bottom of the garbage can, where they are needed.


BagUps™ is a self-contained system that has pre-loaded, perforated bags in a dispenser which protects the bags from the inevitable leaks and spills that occur. When the last bag is used, the dispense lifts out without having to reach in the bottom of the garbage pail. Relining the pail with new bags is as simple as dropping in a new dispenser.

BagUps™ uses an environmentally friendly, OxoBiodegradable bag and recyclable cardboard box which is environmentally responsible, does not pollute the environment and is in step with today's "going green" consumer consciousness.


BagUps™ are low density polyethylene. Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world and has many uses including grocery bags, shampoo bottles, children's toys and even bullet proof vests.


OxoBiodegradable bags and cardboard boxes are obtained domestically in the United States. Both are shipped directly to a facility for Veterans and disabled people in New Jersey for manual assembly. The facility in New Jersey has extensive warehousing capabilities and industrial shipping bays.